Smart agricultural trade
Sifang value
Smart agricultural trade solutions
The smart agricultural trade cloud service platform of Dalian Jinma Weighing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a trade service platform integrating the development of agricultural product production management system (production and processing), agricultural product transportation (transportation), logistics center (agricultural market), smart agricultural trade system, online shopping mall, agricultural trade operation management, smart detection and supervision, consumer tracking system, big data analysis and other systems, as well as software and hardware customization.
  • Member all-in-one card system
  • Security management system
  • Smart agricultural trade electronic trading system
  • Infrared temperature measurement system
  • Terminal Cashier System
  • Intelligent shopping guide system
  • Customer applet system
  • Food traceability safety system
  • Data publicity platform
  • Passenger flow analysis system
  • Online shopping mall system
  • Merchant information price publicity system
New Retail
Change business philosophy and expand business channels
  • Improve the living environment and enhance the city image
  • Improve shopping experience and pleasure
  • Establish a safe and reliable shopping place image
  • Achieving sustainable and high-quality development
  • Create new social values
Hardware advantages of smart farmers
Software advantages
The technical team focused on smart farmers for many years, and worked hard to create a new management platform after iteration and upgrading
  • Food traceability platform
  • Online shopping mall platform
  • Data publicity platform
  • Security management platform
  • Real time early warning platform
Business coverage
Project case
Yingkou Zhongtian Farmer's Supermarket
Huludao Chemical Machinery Zone 4 Farmer's Market
Fuxin Dongmenwai Farmer's Market
Huludao Jianchang Farming Market
Huludao Vientiane Farmer's Market
Fuxin Liaoxi Farmer's Market
Tieling Kaiyuan Farmer's Market
Dandong Wuzhou Farmer's Market
Dalian Development Zone Agricultural and Sideline Products Wholesale Market
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